The Lodi wine country is defined and influenced by its proximity to the San Francisco Bay situated directly east of San Francisco and at the edge of the Sacramento River Delta. As temperatures rise in the Central Valley during the day, cool breezes in the evening are pulled directly across the Lodi region creating a distinctive climate that has allowed premium wine grapes to flourish here for over a century. The vines are planted in well drained, sandy loam soil which, over the course of the season, encourages them to slowly draw water from deep down, producing uniform and well balanced growth. The soil also sits directly in the path of the cool coastal breeze influence which imparts excellent color and intense fruit flavor to the finished wine.

It is no secret to Lodi winemakers that the best cabernet in the appellation is grown on the east side of town. We carefully select the fruit we use for Concrete Cabernet Sauvignon from “East Side” vineyards with sandy, well- draining soils that produce small yields and high quality grapes.

Our head trained Old Vine Zinfandel vineyards were planted in the early 1900’s and are considered to be some of the oldest, yet still producing high quality fruit. ???